Naming Conventions

Lists the naming conventions we use for editions, sections, folders, and files.


eb03 3rd ed. 18 vols. + 2 suppl. vols. Edinburgh: A. Bell and C. MacFarquhar, 1788-1797
eb07 7th ed. 21 vols. Edinburgh: Adam and Charles Black, 1830-1842
eb09 9th ed. 25 vols. NY: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1875-1889
eb11 11th ed. 29 vols. NY: Cambridge University Press, 1910-1911

Entry Sections

Each edition is subdivided into alphabetical sections of different lengths. We further subdivide them into groups of 225 pages that we work on. We refer to these as sections, and identify each with the entry letter followed by a 2-digit number for each group in consecutive order. Thus page section s01 is the first 225 pages in the letter "S," page section b02 begins with the 226th page of "B," and r03 covers 451-675 of the letter "R."

Important: Sections organize the workflow in the OCR stage of the process, while working with page files. We no longer use them in the filename once pages are converted to entry files.


Type Formula Example Information
ABBYY FineReader DOCX files ed-sec-pg.docx eb07-d02-0173.docx 2-page-docx Folder
entry-inventory files ed-entries-ltr.xlxs eb03-entries-s Entry-Inventory File
Image files Retain original filename encyclopaediabri23chisrich_0312.jp2 Create an Image Collection
Oxygen XML Editor project files ed-sec.xpr eb07-r02.xpr Create an OCR-Project
page-inventory files ed-sec.xlsx eb07-r01.xslx Create a Page-Inventory File
TEI entry files kp-ed+vol-seq-pg-position.xml kp-eb1122-0783-0765-03.xml digital-editions Folder
TEI page files ed-sec-pg.xml eb07-d02-0173.xml 3-page-tei Folder

Folder Names

Type Formula Example Information
AFR dictionary folder predefined name UserDictionaries Areas and Text Tab
AFR user pattern and languages predefined name UserPatterns OCR Tab
docx folder predefined name 2-page-docx 2-page-docx Folder
OCR project folder ed-sec eb11-t02 1-afr-project Folder
print edition folder edition eb11 Print Edition Folder
TEI pages folder predefined name 3-page-tei 3-page-tei Folder
TEI entries folder letter-vol-sec s1605 digital-editions Folder