Check Footnote Coding 2

Search for multiple footnotes in the same paragraph and separate them.

To save space, Encyclopedia Britannica would sometimes print two footnotes on the same line. And OCR faithfully reproduces those combinations, but Python expects them to be in separate paragraphs and returns an error in these cases. So we run a small regex to find and correct the problem before running Python

Figure 1. Two footnotes on one line.

  1. Open the xml-project in Oxygen XML Editor for the section you are checking.
  2. Select the folder or a group of files and right-click.
  3. In the context menu, select Find/Replace in Files, or CTL-SHIFT-H.
  4. Enter the following regex in Find:
  5. Use the following for Replace:
  6. Make sure the Regular expression and Dot matches all options are selected and click Find All.
    Figure 2. Find/Replace in Files window.

  7. Repeat the find/replace operation until there are no further results.