Find lists

A <list> is a particular TEI code that sometimes shows up. It originates in AFR's DOCX output. Most of the time, we do not want to use a list structure, but there are strict circumstances where it is appropriate. In that case, use the following information to correct it.
  1. Find all lists that run onto a new page, use regex and do manual correction with the following regex:
  2. remove space after <item> and before </item>
  3. Use @type for special lists. Values are:
    gloss each list item glosses some term or concept, which is given by a label element preceding the list item.
    index each list item is an entry in an index such as the alphabetical topical index at the back of a print volume.
    instructions each list item is a step in a sequence of instructions, as in a recipe.
    litany each list item is one of a sequence of petitions, supplications or invocations, typically in a religious ritual.
    syllogism each list item is part of an argument consisting of two or more propositions and a final conclusion derived from them.
  4. Word default is @type="ordered," etc. Better to use @rend for physical appearance, with
    • numbered
    • bulleted
    • simple
  5. Do NOT use <list> for articles with numbered paragraphs, unless they group or sequence discrete items.