Acknowledgements for all contributors.


Dr. Peter M. Logan, Emeritus Professor of English, Temple University


Data Management
Don Kretz, Distributed Proofreading
Data Mining
Dr. Matthew L. Jockers, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, and Professor of English and Data Analytics, Washington State University
Knowledge Organization
Dr. Joseph T. Tennis, Associate Professor and Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs, School of Information, University of Washington
Dr. Jane Greenberg, Alice B. Kroeger Professor of Information Science; Director, Metadata Research Center; Drexel University
Text Encoding
Dr. Marcus Bingenheimer, Academic Director of the Loretta C. Duckworth Scholars Studio; Assoc. Professor of Religion and Asian Studies, Temple University
Dr. Julia Flanders, Professor of Practice in English; Director, Digital Scholarship Group, Northeastern University


Samantha Grabus, PhD. Candidate, Information Science, Drexel University
Sonia Pascua, Ph.D. Candidate, Information Science, Drexel University
Luling Huang, Ph.D. Candidate, Media and Communication, Temple University
Gary Scales, Ph.D. Candidate, History, Temple University
Andrea Siotto, Ph.D. Candidate, History, Temple University
Bethany Farrell, Ph.D. Student, Art History, Temple University
James Kopaczewski, Ph.D. Student, History, Temple University
Joyce Rasing, M.S. Student, Geography and Urban Studies, Temple University
Ian Gates, English, Temple University
Tyler Gittelman, English and Education, Temple University
Madeline Hammell, English and Art, Temple University
Nhan Nguyen, Business, Temple University
Katie Rogers, English, Temple University
Rachel Stover, English, Temple University
Technical Support
Jordan Hample, Academic Information Technology and Support Technician, the Loretta C. Duckworth Scholars Studio of Temple University Libraries
David Lacy, Director of Library Technology and Knowledge Management Services, Temple University Libraries

Funding Sources

  • National Endowment for the Humanities
  • Institute of Museum and Library Services
  • Temple University Libraries
  • Temple University Presidential Humanities and Arts Award
  • Temple University College of Liberal Arts Research Award
  • Temple University Office of the Provost