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Information about the project and its contributors
Why Britannica?
About Encyclopedia Britannica and the history of knowledge.
Project history
History of the project
Acknowledgements for all contributors.
Public data sets
Third Edition
Encyclopedia Britannica, Third Edition: A Machine-Readable Text Transcription
Seventh Edition
Encyclopedia Britannica, Seventh Edition: A Machine-Readable Text Transcription
Ninth Edition
Encyclopedia Britannica, Ninth Edition: A Machine-Readable Text Transcription
Eleventh Edition
Encyclopedia Britannica, Eleventh Edition: A Machine-Readable Text Transcription
A repository for the KP-ODD document and descendant files used with the XML release editions.
Descriptions of OCR processing, TEI transformation, and metadata creation
How to keep hundreds of thousands of files organized.
Page Files
Explains the procedures we use to get the best quality OCR of each page.
Entry Files
Procedures for converting single pages into Encyclopedia entries.
Master Files
After creating entry files, we run an automated metadata generation process to add index terms to each entry.
Reference information on editorial practices, TEI-encoding standards, and image sources.
Editorial standards
The following editorial principles are employed in creating this digital edition.
Image Sources
Bibliographic information on image sources.
Naming Conventions
Lists the naming conventions we use for editions, sections, folders, and files.
TEI Style Manual
TEI encoding practices for the Knowledge Project.
Unicode Characters
List of Unicode characters and entities used frequently in the Encyclopedia and not on the standard US keyboard.

Project Director Peter Melville Logan
National Endowment for the Humanities HAA-261228-18