Validate Entry Files

Use Oxygen to validate the entry files.

  1. In Oxygen XML Editor, navigate to the outputs/entry folder for the edition you are working on and open an existing xml-project file, if one exists.
    1. Alternately, create a new one by selecting Project > New Project.
    Figure 1. The xml section folder

  2. In the Oxygen Project window, select a batch of files.
    Figure 2. The project window

  3. Right-click the selection. At the bottom of the pop-up menu, select Validate > Validate.
    You should receive a Validation successful message.
    If some files do not validate, a red box and a Validation failed message appear in the blue bar at the bottom of the window. An Errors window opens at the bottom listing specific problems. These are almost always issues with </p> before a <pb>. Correct any remaining problems manually.
    Figure 3. Errors window and the Validation failed message

  4. Mark the batch as valid with a date in the entry-inventory.