Validate Entry Files

Use Oxygen to validate the entry files.

  1. In Oxygen XML Editor, navigate to the outputs/entry folder for the edition you are working on and open an existing xml-project file, if one exists.
    1. Alternately, create a new one by selecting Project > New Project.
    Figure 1. The xml section folder

  2. In the Oxygen Project window, select the batch of ≤250 files.
    Figure 2. The project window

  3. Right-click the selection. At the bottom of the pop-up menu, select Validate > Validate.
    You should receive a Validation successful message.
    If some files do not validate, a red box and a Validation failed message appear in the blue bar at the bottom of the window. An Errors window opens at the bottom listing specific problems. Correct any remaining problems manually.
    Figure 3. Errors window and the Validation failed message