archive Repository

Long-term storage of image files

This repository stores original image files of print editions of the Encyclopedia Britannica. We never modify these files. Instead, we copy select images to the ebnn/_images folder for active use. The repository also includes scans of additional EB editions, as well as alternate scans of production editions.

At over 1TB, the archive repository is quite large and is stored on an external hard disk drive that is available at any time.

Once you have selected any images you need for current production, copy the files from archive to the ebnn/_images folder.

Figure 1. The archive repository

eb03, eb07, eb09, eb11
These are the print edition folders contaning all image files related to that edition. Each print edition folder includes two subfolders.
If there are multiple image sources for the edition, they are stored here.
ia-gri (name varies)
We keep our source images for production in a folder named with the online source that hosts it, using the following abbreviations.
bell Bell Reference
cdl California Digital Library
culc Cornell University Library Collection
gb Google Books
gri Getty Research Institute
ht Hathi Trust
ia Internet Archive
nls National Library of Scotland
pg Project Gutenberg
uch University of Chicago
uw University of Wisconsin

While we are only digitizing four editions, images from the remaining editions are stored here for future reference.