Setting Up the Repositories

Create local copies of the remote repositories

Files for the Nineteenth-Century Knowledge Project are stored in eight different repositories.

repository location
archive Stored locally on an external hard disk drive, so you need to connect it to your computer to access those files.
eb03, eb07, eb09, eb11, metadata, information Stored in the cloud on Google Drive. We use SyncBack Free to create a local copy of Google Drive created by Google Drive File Stream.
outputs Stored on GitHub. We use GitHub Desktop to clone a local copy.
  1. On the external hard drive provided to you, create the appropriate ebnn folder in the root (top-level) directory.
  2. Create an empty outputs folder in the root directory
  3. Follow the instructions on the next page to install Google Drive File Stream and copy the appropriate ebnn repository to the supplied external hard drive.
  4. Create a clone of the complete outputs repository following the instructions for installing and using GitHub Desktop.