Section Folder

The use and structure of section folders.

Folder names

A section is a group of up to 250 print pages within one letter of a print edition. We use sections to organize the OCR process into OCR Projects of feasible length. The files for each section are contained in a single folder. The naming convention for these section folders is to begin with the entry letter and follow it by a two-digit number referring to the first, section, third, and so on, sequence of sections for the print text: a01, a02, a03 ....

Figure 1. Section folders

Note: The names for files within section folders do not refer to the page numbers in the printed volumes. Each section begins with the number 1, rather than the page number.


Each section folder contains subfolders for the different types of production files we generate. The name of each subfolder begins with a numberical prefix that reflects their position in the production sequence. Section folders also contain the page-inventory file for the section.

Figure 2. Section folder subfolders