Review Inventory Comments

Correct resolvable issues noted in the comments

In the page-inventory file, comments by the ABBYY FineReader operator indicate problems encounted on individual pages. We resolve these problems in the TEI files, leaving the docx file untouched.

Note: Always indicate in the inventory file that the problem has been addressed in the TEI page file.
Runover tables
  1. Sometimes tables continue from one page onto the next. Add a note in the inventory and highlight it, so the table parts can be combined in the TEI-entry file file.
Runover footnote text
  1. If there are footnotes that run over from one page to the next, open both TEI files.
  2. After the last word of the note text on the first page, insert <pb n="nnn">. Add the page number of the second page as the value for @n.
  3. Find the runover footnote text in the second page. Copy it into the original note on the first page, following the <pb/> element. Then delete the note text from the second page.
  4. Add a note to the page-inventory file when the note text is properly combined in one place.
Multiple references to a single note
  1. If there are two or three references to the same note text on a page, duplicate the note text and add the necessary at codes for each note anchor to have its own note text. If there are more than two or three, this is impractible and needs to be saved for the entry clean-up stage with a note in the page-inventory file.