Unicode Characters

List of Unicode characters and entities used frequently in the Encyclopedia and not on the standard US keyboard.

  1. For letters with diacritics, only one example is given. All other vowels or consonants with that mark will be found in the same subset.
  2. Some characters, like the middle dot (U+00B7), have multiple possibilities. For consistency, always use the one indicated here. Others have close relations with completely different meanings, like £ and ₤, the pound and lira signs, so be careful to select the correct one.
  3. If you cannot find a character, switch fonts to Arial Unicode MS. While Times New Roman has < 3,000 characters, Arial Unicode MS has 38,917.
  4. For the complete table of Unicode characters, see FileFormat.Info. For character entities, see Freeformatter.com.
  5. To quickly insert a character in ABBYY FineReader, type the Unicode number below in the Character code box of the Symbols window.
  6. In addition to the Symbols window in AFR, you can also use the Windows Character Map to copy and paste special characters into AFR:
    1. Type character map into the Windows search bar to locate the application, or use the Start menu and navigate to Windows Accessories > Character Map.
Block Symbol Name




Char. Entity

Latin-1 Supplement £ pound sign 00A3 &#163;
§ section sign 00A7 &#167;
° degree sign 00B0 &#176;
· middle dot 00B7 &#183;
¼ fraction one quarter 00BC &#188;
½ fraction one half 00BD &#189;
¾ fraction three quarters 00BE &#190;
Æ Latin capital letter AE 00C6 &#198;
æ Latin small letter AE 00E6 &#230;
× multiplication sign 00D7 &#215;
ø small letter 'o' with stroke 00F8 &#215;
Latin Extended-A ā small letter A with a macron 0101
ă small letter A with a breve 0103
ą small letter A with an ogonek 0105
ć small letter C with an acute 0107
ĉ small letter C with a circumflex 0109
ċ small letter C with a dot above 010B
č small letter C with a caron 010D
ķ small letter K with a cedilla 0137
ΠLatin capital ligature OE 0152 &#338;
œ Latin small ligature OE 0153 &#339;
ſ small letter long S 017F &#383;
Latin Extended-B ǎ small letter A with a caron 01CE
ǘ small letter U with diaeresis and acute 01D8
Basic Greek α Greek small letter alpha 03B1
β Greek small letter beta 03B2
γ Greek small letter gamma 03B3
ε Greek small letter epsilon 03B5
θ Greek small letter theta 03B8
ϵ Greek lunate epsilon 03F5
Latin Extended Additional small letter A with a dot below 1EA1
small letter A with a hook above 1EA35
General Punctuation en dash 2013 &#8211;
em dash 2014 &#8212;
left single quotation mark 2018 &#8216;
right single quotation mark 2019 &#8217;
left double quotation mark 201C &#8220;
right double quotation mark 201D &#8221;
dagger 2020
bullet 2022
ellipses 2026 &#8230;
asterism 2042 &#8258;
fraction slash 2044 &#8260;
Currency Symbols lira sign 20A4
Letterlike Symbols l b bar symbol 2114
Number Forms fraction one tenth 2152
fraction one third 2153
fraction two thirds 2154
fraction one fifth 2155
fraction two fifths 2156
fraction three fifths 2157
fraction four fifths 2158
fraction one sixth 2159
fraction five sixths 215A
fraction one eighth 215B
fraction three eighths 215C
fraction five eighths 215D
fraction seven eighths 215E
Mathematical Operators element of 2208 &#8712;
minus sign 2212 &#8722;
division slash 2215 &#8725;
square root 221A &#8730;
proportional to 221D
infinity 221E
integral 222B
almost equal to 2248
not equal to 2260
less-than or equal to 2264
greater-than or equal to 2265
circled plus 2295 &#8853;
circled times 2297 &#8855;
Miscellaneous Technical metrical breve 23D1 &#9169;
metrical long over short 23D2
metrical short over long 23D3
metrical long over two shorts 23D4
metrical two short over long 23D5
metrical two shorts joined 23D6
metrical triseme 23D7
metrical tetraseme 23D8
metrical pentaseme 23D9