Create an Image Collection

Organize image files for scanning.

Before you begin scanning, you have to gather the images you need for the next page section of the project. If you are organizing multiple sections, such as all the images for a large letter, you will have to make some judgment calls about how to divide them into sections. The following are guidelines for this operation.

  • Always organize all files for an entire letter at one time by dividing pages into sections.
  • A page section may be up to 250 pages, but try to keep them smaller than that. 150-200 pages is ideal.
  • Sections should only include images from a single print volume. Start a new page section when you begin a new volume.
  • When working in the archive repository, never delete or change anything. Instead, copy and paste files into the ebnn/_images folder, and then organize them.
  • Keep the original names of the image files. Filenames in the ebnn/_images folder should be identical to those in the archive folder.
  • Use the records/print-pagination spreadsheet to identify the exact volumes and page sequences you need.
  • Use the records/production.xslx spreadsheet to record the volume #, start and end pages, for each page section you create.