Save and Output

How to output your OCR results.

ABBYY FineReader can output results as anything from a Word document to a text or PDF file. We output as docx because it is XML format and converts well to TEI.

  1. To output your finished pages, select them and choose Formatted text from the drop-down box on the main toolbar. Then click Save.
    Figure 1. The main toolbar.

  2. In the Save document as window, make sure you are saving as an Microsoft Word Document (*.docx).
    1. Select the option to Create a separate file for each page. (Otherwise, you will output a single file for that includes all pages and have to repeat this step.)
    2. Uncheck the box for Open document after saving (unless, of course, you actually want to open 250 windows on your desktop).
    Figure 2. The Save document as window.

  3. Save to the appropriate 2-page-docx folder, as explained in the section on the 2-page-docx Folder.
  4. Enter the date of output in the Create a Page-Inventory File.