digital-editions Folder

Storage area for editions generated from the master files.


All digital versions derived from the TEI master files are stored in the digital-editions folder on GitHub.

TEI is the preferred encoding scheme for text because not only can it accommodate large amounts of detail about the textual data, but because of its maleability: it can be transformed into any preferred user format: PDF, html, TXT, docx, or spreadsheet formats. We use the TEI master files to create new digital editions of the encyclopedias that we need to conduct our analytical procedures and that can be publically disseminated. Because the editions derive from the master files, we call them "derivative" files. All derivatives are stored in the digital-editions folder.

Secondary folders

Secondary folders contain the output generated from the master files. These are place holders for the later stage of the Nineteenth-Century Knowledge Project, after we have completed the production process. Their functions are as follows:

Stylesheets for use with the html edition files.
Files for web-based digital editions.
Image files for use in web-based digital editions.
Plain text files suitable for text mining.