Add Dictionary Words

Teach AFR how to spell.

ABBYY FineReader checks recognized words against its internal dictionary. Because the Encyclopedia contains many specialized terms, abbreviations, and proper names, we can improve OCR quality by adding them to a user dictionary. AFR indicates words not in the dictionary with a wavy red underline in the Text pane. Right-click the word and choose Add to Dictionary on the context menu. The following procedure can be used without selecting a word.
Note: Each edition has its own dictionary, so be sure to use the one in the afr-user folder of the edition you are working on.
  1. Click Tools > View Dictionaries....
  2. In the User Dictionaries dialogue box, select the appropriate language and click View...

  3. In the dialogue box that opens, type the word you want to add and click the Add word button (or select a word you want to delete and click the Delete button).

  4. If the dictionary already contains the word you are trying to add, a warning message will be displayed.