Create an XML-Project

Using Oxygen XML Editor to organize files. Oxygen XML Editor organizes groups of files into a single "project," to make it easier to work with the group and track relationships between group member files. Be careful not to confuse the Oxygen xml-project with the ABBYY FineReader ocr-project. While both are called "projects," they are fundamentally different. To avoid confusion, this guide uses either "ocr-project" or "xml-project," unless the distinction is obvious from the context.
  1. In Oxygen, select Project > New Project and navigate to the parent folder of the docx files you want to convert (i.e. eb11/r01).
  2. Create a new Project in that directory (Project > New Project).
  3. Name the new project with the edition and section names, such as eb07-r02.xpr.
Figure 1. File folder structure