Image Preprocessing

Preprocess all images in a new OCR Project before drawing boxes.

The first task with any new ocr-project is to optimize the page images before beginning the OCR process.

DANGER: This must be done before you begin drawing boxes. It will remove all boxes if they already exist.
  1. Open a new ocr-project in ABBYY FineReader. For any page, select the Edit Image icon on the Image Pane toolbar.

    The Image Editor window opens.
  2. In the right-hand panel, open the Resolution dialogue.
    Figure 1. The Resolution dialogue

  3. Set the Selection: dropdown menu to All Pages. Cick Detect Optimal Resolution. Click Apply.
  4. Open the Recommend Preprocessing dialogue at the top of the panel. Set Selection: to All Pages. Click Preprocess.
    Figure 2. The Recommended Preprocessing dialogue.

  5. For eb07 using images from the National Library of Scotland, also select the option for Straighten Text Lines and set to All.
    Figure 3. eb07 only

  6. Wait for preprocessing to complete, and then close the image editor with the Exit Image Editor option at the top of the image page.
  7. Save the ocr-project to preserve your changes.