Modify Areas

Areas must be drawn in a basic box shape, but they can be altered to subtract or add to part of the box.

Many pages include call-outs, marginal subheads or summaries, and these can encroach on the text column. Other pages have "cut-outs," areas of a text column that flow around an image (these are frequent in eb09 and eb11). In these cases you may want to draw a single large text box and then remove or add a small portion of it. ABBYY FineReader allows you to modify the box shape using the Cut Area Part and Add Area Part tools.
  1. Click inside the text box. A new icon bar appears showing the Cut Area Part and Add Area Part tools.
    Figure 1. Icon bar with tools for modifying the text area.

  2. Beginning from inside or outside the existing box, draw across its bounding line to modify the shape.
  3. This technique can help in managing boxes on a page where an image is inserted across an entire column. Draw a single text box for the column and leave a small connecting section along the side of the image when using the Cut Area Part tool. This is sometimes quicker, and it reduces the total number of boxes on the page.
    Figure 2. Modified text blocks with a connecting area retained.