Encoding for subdivisions in entries.

Use <div> codes with the appropriate @type to indicate subdivisions of long entries. Use <head> for section headings.

@type value level usage
entry 1 The outermost tag for the entire entry. See Page Numbers.
section 2 A subdivision nested within an entry.
subsection 3-∞ A subdivision nested with a section or a subsection.
index 2 An index section for an entry.

If a section has both a heading and a subheading immediately following, but there are no subsections, then add @type="sub" to <head> instead of creating a new <div>. If a section has multiple subsections, then use <div>s to define them.

This is a minimalist encoding scheme that leaves room for further refinement, with additional divs for things like poems and quotes. For now, we are just trying to encode the sections already identified in the entry by the author.


<div type="entry">
      <div type="section">
         <head>SECTION I — THE GENERAL NATURE OF STEAM.</head>
                . . .
               <div type="subsection">
                    . . .