Details method we use to code footnote text in TEI.

Note text is always moved from its position on the print page and placed inline with the page text at the point where the note anchor is originally located. Note text is surrounded with the <note> element. All notes must include @anchored, @place, and @type.


<note anchored="true" place="bottom" type="authorial">
<note anchored="false" place="margin" type="editorial">

Does the page image show the exact place of reference?

Permissible values: true | false.


What was the original location of the note text in the page image?

Use below when the note is positioned in relation to some page element, normally a table, rather than at the bottom or margin of the page.

Permissable values: bottom | margin | below.


Who authored the note text? In most cases, this will be the entry author, so use authorial.

If the note is inserted by the Encyclopedia editors, indicated by [Ed.], use editorial.

Permissible values: authorial | editorial.


Reserved for rare instances where the siglum for a footnote is missing from the page. In such a case, set @anchored to false and add @cert to indicate the degree of certainty about the inferred anchored point.

Permissable values: high | medium | low | unknown.