Settings for the OCR tab in the ABBYY FineReader Options window.

To access the Options windown, select Tools > Options....

  1. For PDF recognition mode, select Use OCR.
  2. Set OCR speed and accuracy to Thorough recognition. Set Document type to auto.
  3. Uncheck everything in Detection of structural elements and Barcodes.
  4. Set Use of patterns and training in OCR Editor to Use user patterns > Also use built-in patterns>. See remarks in OCR Training.

  5. >ABBYY FineReader needs to know where to locate the shared user patterns and language files for the edition. Select Load Patterns and Languages.... Navigate to the _afr-user/UserPatterns folder in the edition folder, and select the FBT file located there. For example, if you are working on eb03, it will be located in ebnn/eb03/_afr-user/UserPatterns.

  6. Click OK when finished, to save all settings in the Options window.